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Explainer videos are short 2D animations demonstrating how your product or service works, presenting its features and benefits and having a strong call to action at the end – encouragement to buy one or more of your products or to contact your company, thus generating a lead for you.

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Our package includes:


Script and scenario writing




Illustrations creation


Professional voiceover recording


Background music


High-quality animation

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Engage your customers.

People don’t have time to search for information about different products and services and then read long descriptions about their features. The clear majority of customers prefer to click the ‘Play’ button and watch a short video to learn more about the topic they are interested in.

An explainer video is a tool which allows you to engage your potential clients immediately, thanks to its attractive visual component and rich, engaging content.

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We start our explainer videos by describing your customers’ problems and challenges they struggle with. Thanks to that, our videos demonstrate that you clearly understand the challenges and problems they are facing, thus making it easy for people to relate to your product or service.

Next, we show some real and practical benefits of your product or service, as well as how they solve customers’ problems. With our animated videos, the particular focus is on presenting your offer in a way that engages your customers on an emotional level.

We finish our animations with a strong “call to action” – encouragement and instructions on how to take further action – to contact your company to get additional information or to buy your product.

After watching your video, people know exactly what your offer is, feel that you have a great solution to their problems, and are open to further interaction with your company.

For us, the most important thing is building awareness of your products and services among your potential clients. Let the explainer video to be the first point of interaction between your company and people searching for a solution like yours – a place where a person becomes your client.

Quality you expect.

Every explainer video is the new page of our studio’s history, and it’s an adventure we take you on. The goal is simple: to create a video you’ll be proud of. Client satisfaction is what drives our work, and that’s why we constantly tweak and improve every part of the explainer video production process.

Details matter to us, and we always try to take our animations, visual elements, script writing, and audio production to another level.

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Dedication to the best quality and an individual approach to every project is how we stand out. We take no more than a few projects simultaneously, guaranteeing full engagement in every project.

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Every company and project require an individual approach in terms of presentation style, visual materials, personality, and humour. Work on animation is preceded by a deep analysis of your product or service and niche you operate in, as well as your needs and expectations and those of your customers.

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This allows us to produce an explainer video which engages your customers on an emotional level and, as a result, it is highly effective in terms of making a sale. Your potential customers will feel that you understand their challenges and desires and have a perfect solution.

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Different styles.

Reaching your customers with relevant information and offers leads to better further communication and has a huge influence on your conversion rates. We understand that choosing the right animation style is the key element of successfully engaging your customers, and that’s why we developed a few animation styles to fulfil the different needs of our clients. Besides explainer videos, we also offer whiteboard animations.

Click the button below to see the examples.

Click the link to check the prices for all our animation styles.

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Your time and comfort.

We have developed a particularly simple and straightforward process of moving through different stages of the explainer video production process and making key decisions regarding the content and visual appearance.

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Unlimited revisions.

We go beyond our clients’ expectations, offering free unlimited revisions* on every step of the explainer video production process. Unless you’re 100% happy with the presented materials and approve them, we won’t move forward with the project.

We understand that it’s not easy to find a creative and honest explainer video company which will deliver a final result you’re completely satisfied with.

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We realize that starting a working relationship with a new company is a risk in terms of time and money. We want to eliminate this risk for you.

You can be certain that the explainer video you get will be perfectly matched with your needs and requirements.

*Returning to the previous stage of the video production process after this step has already been approved by you will result in additional charges.

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Multi-language versions.

Do you need an explainer video in a different language than English? No problem! We have vast experience working with clients all over the world, so we’re able to create a video in any language or accent you need. In our portfolio, we even have animated videos in Chinese.

We’ll translate your script, create a professional voiceover recording matched to the animation and, if needed, create and add subtitles to your video.*

*Creating additional versions in different languages will require an individual quote.

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Leave your competition behind.

The unique presentation style of an explainer video allows your company to easily stand out from the competition, making sure that it’s your product or service will come to the mind of your potential clients when making a buying decision. Research proves that people remember information in the visual form the best – you certainly remember visual content from ads from years ago that is still easily accessible to your memory.

Ride the wave of the internet video and social media trends! By investing in video marketing, you can be sure that you’re using the most efficient and proven advertising methods.

Our clients.


Loud Videos have a great idea and faultless execution. We found we could simply give the outlines of a story to them and they did all the hard work. They wrote an almost faultless script - which had a clear vision and conversion objective. Then upon approval they delivered a great video which can be shown for all sorts of campaign uses.


Dixon Jones



It has been a pleasure to work with Loud Videos, they were quick to respond to any questions and more than willing to accommodate our many requests. Our animation was produced in a timely manner and with above expected quality and professionalism. We are so happy with our video we are already talking about having another one produced by this team. I would highly recommend this service to any company looking for a promotional video with a sales focus.

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Rob Lehnert



Working with Loud Videos on our project was a breeze. They were able to translate our concept into a visual message and were flexible when it came to making changes, ensuring that the final product we received was perfect. I would definitely recommend hiring them for your animation needs!


Hilary Young


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