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Video production process?

1. We'll send you a proposal containing specifications regarding your project.

2. If you accept the proposal, we'll ask you to make an initial 50% deposit for your project via PayPal invoice (no need to have PayPal account; can be paid by credit card and is convenient for bookkeeping if you're ordering for your company) or wire transfer if you prefer.

3. When you make an initial deposit, we will ask you to fill out our quick customer survey about your product/service in order to prepare a script for your video (unlimited revisions). We will write the script based on our proven animated sales video formula and send it to you as a PDF document for approval.

4. After you approve the script, we will start working on the storyboard – visual representations of our ideas.

5. Once you have approved the storyboard, we share our voiceover actor samples with you to pick for your video and then begin voiceover recording.

6. Next we start working on the final illustrations for your video and send them to you for review.

7. The last step is animation development. When the first version of your video is ready, we'll send it to you for approval, and we will make any visual amendments you suggest until you are satisfied.

8. When you accept the video (preview version), we'll ask you to make the final 50% payment.

9. After your payment, we'll share the final video with you.

Turnaround time?

Turnaround time for whiteboard animations and explainer videos (1 min.) is around three weeks from start to finish.

Turnaround time for whiteboard express (1 min.) is around one week.

The total time is affected by the amount of revisions you need to make and your response time.


Here’s the pricing for all our animation styles.

What's included?

Our package includes:

  • Script and scenario writing
  • Storyboard
  • Illustrations creation
  • Professional voiceover recording
  • Background music
  • High-quality animation

Unlimited revisions?

We offer unlimited revisions on every step of the animated video production process; however, if you change your mind about some particular stage of the video production process after it’s been approved by you, this most likely will result in extra charges.

Example: we completed a voiceover recording and you need to change the script (after it’s been approved by you as final). Now we need to create a new voiceover recording, which will require additional payment.

Animated sales video formula?

All our animated videos are based on our unique sales video formula which increases conversion rates of your website.

If you want to learn more about our sales video formula and the ideas behind our video production process, please download our company profile.

I still have a question!

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